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Free public records sources allows you quick access to Canada criminal records, vital statistics, real estate property sales, tax records, marriages, civil lawsuits and much more. This site serves as a guide so that you may perform your own free background check in Canada.

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In today's information age, many government agencies offer information sites free and open to the general public to search for public records. We have provided a sample of phrases or keywords to search for in any major search engine that will at least lead you in the right direction should that particular government agency offer any of their records online. It just takes a little bit of time and patience while testing and perfecting your researcher's skills. Please bear in mind that internet culture is based not on offering all available information cluttered into one single page, but by following links to specific topics.

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  • Canada - Aircraft Ownership and Registration
  • Canada - Canadian Companies
  • Canada - Corporations
  • Canada - Court Martial Appeals Court
  • Canada - Find Government Agency
  • Canada - Legislation
  • Canada - Lobbyists
  • Canada - Municipal Web Sites Directory
  • Canada - Patents
  • Canada - Public Security Findings
  • Canada - Ship Registrations
  • Canada - Supreme Court Decisions
  • Canada - Tax Court Judgments
  • Canada - Trademarks
  • Canada - White Pages - Telephone Book
  • Canada - Yellow Pages - Telephone Book
  • Alberta - Court Judgments
  • Alberta - Legislative Assembly
  • British Columbia - Legislative Assembly
  • British Columbia - Provincial Court Decisions
  • British Columbia - Supreme & Appellate Decisions
  • Manitoba - Legislative Assembly
  • New Brunswick - Acts and Regulations
  • New Brunswick - Archived Vital Records
  • New Brunswick - Corporate Affairs Registry
  • Nova Scotia - Assessor/Real Estate
  • Nova Scotia - Corporations
  • Nova Scotia - Court Decisions
  • Ontario - Court of Appeal Decisions
  • Prince Edward Island - Statutes
  • Prince Edward Island - Supreme Court Decisions
  • Saskatchewan - Court of Appeals Decisions
  • Yukon - Legislative Assembly

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Photo: Carmen Weld -

Photo: Carmen Weld
A media relations official with Canada Post in Ottawa says, "We can confirm there was an incident involving a mail theft earlier in the week. Our team of postal inspectors are ... "In the meantime we are in the process of alerting our affected ...

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09/19/14 3:02 am

Pets Q&A: Many dogs resemble pit bulls - Buffalo News

Pets Q&A: Many dogs resemble pit bulls
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Their genetic background might not even include true pit bulls. I suggest dogs with a pit bull look may be the most common ... If you want citations to back up this information, check out the new American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior position ...

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Stonewall Koskinen - Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal

Stonewall Koskinen
Wall Street Journal
Mr. Obama had declared him someone who "knows how to lead in difficult times, whether that means ensuring new management or implementing new checks and balances." Where are the sweeping changes? Where's the accountability? When the best the ...

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Prince George's County volunteer opportunities - Washington Post

Prince George's County volunteer opportunities
Washington Post
Volunteers will help identify Canada geese, harriers, eagles, heron and many different duck species. Binoculars and spotting scopes recommended. ... Volunteers must pass background checks, and training is provided. To apply, visit, e ...

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Nevada Athletic Commission should keep Francisco Aguilar as chairman - Yahoo Canada Sports

Nevada Athletic Commission should keep Francisco Aguilar as chairman
Yahoo Canada Sports
A promoter's license is the most difficult license to get from the Nevada Athletic Commission, and licensees have to submit detailed financial reports, undergo a background check and fill out a lengthy application. Lundvall lavished Floyd Mayweather ...

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Fingerprint, retina scans considered for border crossing security -

Fingerprint, retina scans considered for border crossing security
Canadian and U.S. security officials are considering new advanced technology features, such as fingerprinting and retina scanning, to improve the border crossing between Windsor, Ont., and Detroit. Delegates to the U.S. and Canada Border Conference in ...

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DNR officer received 'strange' call over Andrew Harvey charges -

DNR officer received 'strange' call over Andrew Harvey charges
I think there's something's adrift here,'” Goodine told CBC News. He said he'd never received a call like that in his 33 years with DNR. The questions were the kind one would ask if they wanted to look up the court file, he said. “I really don't know ...

09/18/14 5:34 am

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