NCIC Background Checks

Please beware of any company that claims to do a 100% nationwide criminal database search, as this is not possible by any private sector company or detective agency.

The only government agency that can do a fingerprint based NCIC criminal background check is the National Crime Information Center (NCIC). It is used by the FBI and Departments of law enforcement and even then, they are not 100% accurate or flawless.

However, with the new LiveScan fingerprinting technology, a potential employee or volunteer may have their fingerprints processed by a LiveScan certified vendor in order to upload them to the NCIC (FBI) database for processing. At this present time, this service is available only to government employees, government contractors, volunteers or individuals working alongside children.

Conclusion: An NCIC background check can only be processed with fingerprints, not a database criminal name search.

About Criminal Databases: Criminal records can only be found on a County by County or State by State basis depending on the statewide search availability of the corresponding state.  We make every attempt to minimize your risks of hiring a criminal by integrating as many state and county databases into our instant results XML gateway.