NCIC Background Checks

Please beware of any company that claims to do a 100% nationwide criminal database search, as this is not possible by any private sector company or detective agency.

The only government agency that can do a fingerprint based NCIC criminal background check is the National Crime Information Center (NCIC). It is used by the FBI and Departments of law enforcement and even then, they are not 100% accurate or flawless.

However, with the new LiveScan fingerprinting technology, a potential employee or volunteer may have their fingerprints processed by a LiveScan certified vendor in order to upload them to the NCIC (FBI) database for processing. At this present time, this service is available only to government employees, government contractors, volunteers or individuals working alongside children.

Conclusion: An NCIC background check can only be processed with fingerprints, not a database criminal name search.

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Semantics triggers opposition to I-594’s gun-sale checks

Opponents of the proposal to extend background checks to all private gun sales say its wording would criminalize almost anyone who hands anyone else a gun. Supporters say it isn’t so and accuse the other side of trying to distract from the main debate.

09/20/14 8:27 pm

FBI launches a face recognition system, it’ll store millions of photographs

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — The FBI can now quickly identify people just by looking at their faces, eyes, voice, palm print and walking stride. It’s called the FBI’s Next Generation Identification system, and the agency said it became fully operational Monday. The government expects the system’s database to house 51 million photographs by next year […]

09/16/14 7:43 pm

Group calls for tougher background checks on guns like one used in trooper shooting

Today, Cease Fire PA called for tougher background checks on long guns.

09/16/14 6:39 pm

FBI launches a face recognition system

Read full story for latest details.

09/16/14 4:56 pm

Land sale, annexations also on meeting agenda

Proposed background checks on taxi drivers and multiple annexation petitions are slated for consideration at this week’s Jacksonville City Council meeting, according to the agenda.

09/15/14 11:21 am

Group says study shows benefit of gun background checks

A group pressing for background checks for private gun sales in Washington state released a study showing that many police officers killed here since 1980 were shot by people legally prohibited from having firearms.

09/13/14 12:57 am

Group cites police killings in support of I-594

SEATTLE (AP) - A group pushing an initiative that would require background checks for private gun sales in Washington state released a study Friday finding that many of the police deaths here since 1980 have come at the hands of people legally prohibited from having firearms. Everytown for ...

09/12/14 7:22 pm

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