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In today's information age, many government agencies offer information sites free and open to the general public to search for public records.  We have provided a sample of phrases or keywords to search for in any major search engine that will at least lead you in the right direction should that particular government agency offer any of their records online.  It just takes a little bit of time and patience while testing and perfecting your researcher's skills. Please bear in mind that internet culture is based not on offering all available information cluttered into one single page, but by following links to specific topics.

If you cannot find what you are searching for, then you may want to try our fee-based services. BCS Background Screening, LLC collects billions of records from both government and private records repositories.  Being a consumer reporting agency business, we have to pay for obtaining and reselling those bulk records and pay our programmers to categorize and format them for your intended use.

Tip: Copy and past name of county, department or records division search terms below into an internet search engine to get direct access into government site of your choice. By contractual obligations, we cannot post direct access link.

Please read: Be aware and obey all federal and local privacy laws when conducting background checks on your own or if you are going to make an online public records based hiring or renting decision. You can learn more about it in our background checks page.

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