No-Cost Background Checks

Applicant Self-Pay Background Screening

Free background checks mantain profits upward

SwiftHire is a brand-new client tool offered to you by Background Checks Systems!. Using SwiftHire, you can send screening requests directly to applicants, rather than having to key in applicant information yourself.

SwiftHire is built right into your client ordering module and comes with all these benefits:

  • Invite applicants to self-screen via email tool, track progress, and send automatic reminders
  • Better yet, your account can generate a link that you can post in your own website or job board. Once report is completed it is emailed to you as well as stored into your secure account.
  • Customize the email invitations, instructions, and reminder emails
  • Set up a review step for all submissions, or have the system convert submissions directly into orders
  • Self-payment option for applicants - perfect for contractor or volunteer self-screening

We hope you enjoy this new time-saving feature! If you have any questions, please just let us know, and thanks for being a valued client!