Rental Background Checks

Screen them before they check in.

How to screen tenants

How do I screen a renter without a credit report?

Background Checks Systems uses sophisticated search logic to automatically compare the potential renter to information in our databases.

Those very same search algorithms are applied to our tenant background report to ensure you are screening the potential renter's true identity and not a relative with clean records.

Report includes:

  1. SSN alert - notifies you of potential issues with an applicant's SSN
  2. Identity Verification - Verifies name, aliases and past address history associated with your input.
  3. Nationwide Criminal Records, Sex Offenders & USA Patriot Act/OFAC/OIG Databases - Search based on current name and DOB client input.
  4. Court records on file including - Failures to pay rent, unlawful detainers, judgments for rent, lis pendens, writs or warrants for eviction
  5. Nationwide Bankruptcies

Priced at $39.95 - View sample report

A few good words of advice

If you are managing a rental property, a substandard tenant will certainly be more painful than a rental vacancy.

rental income property

Income property vandalism, criminal acts against neighbors, tardy rent checks and legal implications, are just the beginning headaches and high cost hassles that arise from renting to just one "bad" tenant. If you happen to own a multi-unit rental property, you can add to the equation the loss of established, always-on-time paying renters.

The good news is that most can be avoided by having a rental background check policy in place that will help you distinguish and select good tenants from bad tenants. You may want to consider making an effort and dedicate some of your valuable time to elaborate a comprehensive tenant background screening process.